Chiropodist Lesley Clune B.Sc., M.Ch.S.

Lesley Clune is a practitioner of 20 years professional experience

She has a degree in podiatric medicine, has worked in major London hospitals and has been in private practice since 1992.
Lesley carries out all foot related procedures and minor nail surgery

To book an appointment please call 01992 443026.

Most people have foot problems at some time in their lives, and many of these can be helped by Chiropody treatment. Chiropody / Podiatry is the field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the lower limb, mainly the foot and ankle.

We also help diagnose problems so that a patient can provide the right self care.

Good foot health is especially important for people with other health problems such as diabetes, poor circulation and rheumatism. These problems can make self treatment, even cutting their own nails, unwise. Chiropodists are trained to help them. You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a Chiropodist.

Common foot problems include:

• hard skin, corns, cracked heels and calluses
• painful and in-growing nails
• Skin problems and fungal infections, e.g. athlete’s foot
• heel and foot pains
• verrucae
• walking problems (gait) and sport injuries (relating to the lower limb)

Treatments regularly provided include:

• nail cutting
• hard skin reduction (debridement) and temporary padding.
• a range of treatments for verrucae and common nail disorders
• footcare advice: shoes and skincare
• supplying and modifying various items, such as toe separators

Other services: 

• diabetic foot assessment
• nail surgery
• simple or modified insole advice

The two names Chiropody/Podiatry may seem confusing. This is due to recent changes in qualification and registration for the profession. A three year training course now leads to a degree in Podiatric Medicine and registration with the H.P.C.

Chiropody/Podiatry is now a protected title and only those registered with the H.P.C. are entitled to its use. Lesley Clune is HPC registered.

Treatment costs:

Initial assessment and treatment – £40
Treatment thereafter – £35

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