Back care tips for driving


Driving can prove a real challenge for backs, especially if you drive for extended periods of time.

Top back care tips for driving
  1. When you are experiencing stiffness and back pain, taller vehicles are usually best, lower vehicles are usually more uncomfortable to get in and out of.

  2. Your shoulders should be down and back against the backrest. They should remain in contact with the backrest when you turn the steering wheel.

  3. Adjust the angle of the backrest so that you can easily reach the steering wheel with your arms bent.

  4. If you feel your seat isn’t giving good support, try a rolled-up towel or lumbar roll in the small of your back.

  5. Adjust the tilt of the seat so that you can easily press the pedals down to the floor. Your thighs should rest lightly on the seat cushion without pressing on it.

  6. While driving, keep your chin in and don’t grip the wheel too hard. Relax your shoulders and keep your head upright.

  7. Adjust your mirrors, they may be set to accommodate your previous bad driving position.

  8. If it hurts when you are driving then keep it to short journey or preferably stop, it may be compressing the spine and the spinal discs.

  9. If you drive regularly its very likely your hamstring (muscles in the back of the thigh) will start to shorten. Learn how to give them a stretch out, if you are not sure ask us.

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