Preventing back pain

Keep yourself strong.

At the Maxwell clinic we believe that strengthening your back through exercise is one of the best ways to keep back pain at bay. It can also be very helpful in treating back pain.  Pick something you enjoy so that it is more likely to become a habit. You should aim to exercise three to five times a week for 30 minutes each time.

Choose a low-impact, gentle exercise that will help strengthen the muscles in your back, without the risk of strain or sudden jolts. Swimming, yoga and pilates are very good for improving flexibility and strength and once you feel your back is strong enough, you can graduate to something more energetic such as jogging, cycling or dancing.

Stretching is another key way of strengthening your back. It can help to warm up the muscles in your back before starting to exercise and can even be helpful in preparing your back muscles prior to household chores or gardening. But the best way of maximising the benefits of stretching is to make them a part of your everyday routine.  You don’t have to be at the gym, stretches and movements can be incorporated into daily life, done at or on the way to or from work.  At the Millhouse Clinic we can teach you ways to do this.

Movement and activity should be considered as physical maintenance, in the same way we would regularly brush our teeth in order to maintain them.

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