Top 10 Back Care Tips

  1. Remember our bodies are designed to move. Staying mobile and keeping moving prevents static postures, it increases your blood circulation and keep your tissues flexible.
  2. Make sure you get regular exercise – if your muscles are weak, you increase your risk for back pain.
  3. Watch your posture – Prolonged slouching when sitting can strain your spine and posture, the seat has to support you otherwise you will be slouching again after thirty seconds. Standing is different, our posture is improved with activation of healthy muscles.
  4. Maintain healthy weight as excess weight can increase the pressure on your muscles, vertebrae and discs.
  5. Quit smoking. It is thought that smoking reduces the blood supply to the discs between the vertebrae and this may lead to degeneration of these discs.
  6. Keep your computer monitor and keyboard directly in front of you at work.
  7. Never clutch the telephone between your ear and your shoulder while continuing to work!
  8. Dangers of lifting! Repetitive lifting or lifting when in a hurry, when stressed or very tired carries a high risk for back strain.
  9. Limit stress!
  10. Keep your spine healthy by getting it checked by someone who will assess it properly. This is more than just visual, palpation, specific tests but details of how you function with daily routines, your exercise, your driving and work. Another factor in in this assessment is “who you are” , we see people with varieties of personality traits e.g., emotional, stressed, over anxious, many times these can be part of back pain.
A good evaluation leads to better treatment, understanding, advice and therefore better long term management and proactive back care.

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