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Welcome to the Maxwell Osteopathic Clinic in Hertfordshire

Helping thousands of people every year with physical conditions like back pain, neck tension and many other areas of the body.
We relieve pain, get you moving again safely and speed your recovery.
Help at Maxwell Clinic is for recovery but it’s also for prevention.
To feel and be a healthier you.

How osteopathy can help you

Osteopaths are clinically trained and regulated healthcare professionals providing diagnosis, treatment and advice.

Providing excellent medical support, skill and expertise without the use of drugs or surgery.

Information on this website

This website has information and support for our patients at the Maxwell Clinic. 

For those who have not been to our clinic, information available on this website is to help you understand more about us, about back pain and how osteopathy can help you.

The advice on this website is a guideline and is recommended in conjunction with an osteopathic consultation.

Maxwell Osteopath Clinic Hertfordshire

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